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Why Kids Need to Learn Coding

Coding is relevant in today’s digital world, and it will still be. That’s why helping your kids learn how to code will be an investment in their future. But who says they need to face the screen?

Learn unplugged with ducks and cards! They’re designed for your kids to learn progressively while keeping them amused. The strategic play involved allows kids to take in tactics, leading them to be creative coders in the process. Let your kids learn to code the ducky way!

Variable Card

Movement Card

Conditional Card

Loop Card

Action Card

How to Play

Forget gadgets and computers, you won’t be needing them. In Duck the Bomb, all you need to get started are cards, tokens, and a board! Lead the ducks to the flags while avoiding the bombs using commands. Stack them up strategically (resembling the command line in coding) and get the ducks swimming for victory!

What makes us special, you ask?

We’ll let the ducks answer you.

Flexible Gameplay

Play with Duplo blocks or even paper boards! As long as it works, you won’t be restricted to anything. Tweak the game rules and you can play over and over, it’s your call!

Progressive Learning

Having troubles keeping up with the jargons? No worries, this game is designed to let kids learn progressively. They can start simple, before moving on to more complex commands!

Inclusive Design

Everyone can code. Yes, we mean even the visually impaired. This game incorporates tactile feedback because clearly, we think everyone stands a chance. For every deck sold, one deck will be donated to the association for the visually impaired.



Si Hui

Business Manager of Glyph

Duck Da Bomb is an awesome mix of a good old card game and teaching coding concepts! I’m assured that my students would be having great (yet competitive) fun while learning basic programming skills. This game is also versatile whereby teachers can use it as an extension from their students’ programming knowledge.

What Kids Will Learn

When your kids play this coding card game, they will learn about:

  • Universal programming concepts
  • Computational thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork and collaboration

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