• My 6 year old son loves the game,  he quickly picked up how loops and arrays worked. 

    Love how the way you can slowly introduce different cards to make the game more complex, we started with basic cards then added loops then arrays.
    Prototype Tester
  • As parent, I notice when my son comes up with his own rules, he tends to think of strategies to win, vs playing with standard rules. I find that encourages him to think ahead. 

    And when he starts tweaking certain rules, I see how he has discovered something and making a change.
    Mother of One
  • Duck Da Bomb is an awesome mix of a good old card game and teaching coding concepts! I’m assured that my students would be having great (yet competitive) fun while learning basic programming skills.

    This game is also versatile whereby teachers can use it as an extension from their students’ programming knowledge.
    Si Hui
    Business Manager of Glyph

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