The Most Delicious Sandwich Card Game
With a Pinch of Coding 

Once upon a time....

In an ordinary kitchen in the extraordinary  country of Sandwich-land, chefs are tasked with feeding the sandwich-eating monster 
before it gobbles up everything in sight!
The only way to do that is by being the fastest sandwich chef in the country. 
Oi, Chef!

About The Game

Oi, Chef! is a deck of cards designed to encourage flexible play through the concept of sandwich making.

Besides bringing endless fun to the family while introducing house rules, its portability makes it ideal for road trips or camping entertainment.

Not only a highly amusing game, but also an educational tool that can be used by teachers to introduce a wide range of concepts (coding, mathematics, task analysis, etc.) by way of making sandwiches.

How to play

We’ve created 4 different gameplays with the Oi, Chef! cards, and we are releasing new gameplays every month!

what Other Parents found

Kids creating more cards because it is just so much fun!

What Is In The Deck?

The deck consists of 55 cards that depict sandwich ingredients (e.g., tomato, cucumber, butter, etc.) and some order cards. The rules are different for each gameplay, but the objective is the same—be the first to make a sandwich!

No. of cards

48 ingredient cards
5 order cards
2 Manual cards
Size: Standard Poker Card Size
Card finishes: Smooth, Glow

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