Flexible Game Play 
For Endless Fun

Play with Duplo blocks or even paper boards! As long as it works, you won’t be restricted to anything. Tweak the game rules and you can play over and over, it’s your call! Did we mentioned that you can design your own map with the flexible game tiles?

Learn Coding 
Without Computer

Learn unplugged with ducks and cards! They’re designed by Singapore team of designers, programmer, consultant. Specially for kids to better understand the coding logic behind. With this coding card game, give your kids a head start in their coding journey! The ducks promise you it’s going to be fun and rewarding.

Learning Can Be Fun!

Your kids will learn progressively while keeping them amused. The strategic play involved allows kids to take in tactics, leading them to be creative coders in the process. Let your kids learn to code the ducky way!

Programming Concepts That Is Covered 
In The Gameplay

Sequential Logic, Parallelism, If-Else Statement, Loop/ Nested Loop, Do..While, Variables, Objects, Array

Digital Literacy

“What is DuckDuckGo?” “What is Ransomware?”
Get the kids curious with technology through play.
Type of Computer Virus (Trojian, Worm & etc), Network, The Bombe, Encryption, Easter Egg & more...

Digital Citizen

“Is all hacking bad?”“Is all technology good?”
Engage in dialogue and get the kids
to think critically.
Responsible hacking, Extension of technology, Online privacy, Cyberbully, 3 law of robots & more...

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Coding Can Be Fun!

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